SDT208 is AUTOOL’s most versatile and best performing smoke leak detector to date!

The SDT208 and the upgraded SDT206 have the same number of functions, but the performance is still better with the SDT208. Because the SDT208 has higher output pressure and output flow than the upgraded SDT206. And SDT208 supports 12v and 24V car batteries as power supplies. The following is the detailed introduction of SDT208.
AUTOOL SDT208 is a professional auto pipe leak detect tool. It will help us position leakage on any pipe system quickly and exactly, such as EVAP system, Intake system, exhaust system, and so on.
Operation method
  • 1. After assembling the smoke leak detector accessories, inject about 30ML of test oil each time you use it; the test oil-injected each time should not exceed the MAX scale, and it is recommended to work continuously for no more than 15 minutes.
  • 2. open the engine cover and remove the air filter; some models need to remove the airflow sensor.
  • 3. place the standard conical adapter into the engine air intake hose port to plug the pipe, press hard until the air intake hose is sealed.
  • 4. connect the power cord to the car battery, red alligator pliers to the positive battery terminal, black alligator pliers to the negative battery terminal.
  • 5. After the battery is connected correctly, turn on the main power switch, the power indicator lights up, indicating that the smoke generator power supply is normal.
  • 6. Mode selection
  • (1) in the large car or pipeline complex conditions, you need to enable the “high-pressure mode,” first press the “high-pressure mode” switch, and then press the “detection start” switch, the air pump will start working, only after the air pump start, “smoke start” switch can start working.
  • (2) Under the condition of trolley or pressure-sensitive original, need to enable “low-pressure mode,” first press the “low-pressure mode” switch, then press the “detect start” switch, the air pump will start to work, only after the air pump starts, the “smoke start” switch can start to work.
  • 7. Press the “smoke start” switch, the smoke began to produce. After the smoke start, if the system detects that the instrument is not enough smoke oil or the continuous working time is too long, resulting in the system overheating, the “overheat protection indicator” light will be on until the temperature drops to the normal range, the instrument resumes work;
  • 8. Depending on the model, about 1 minute after the smoke start, the engine pipeline will be filled with smoke; start to check the system leakage fault points.
  • 9. Check the end; the power cord will be removed, put away the accessories for the next time to take; the main body of the air inlet adapter is made of rubber; please avoid contact with gasoline and other corrosive liquids.
  • 1.With a long time high temperature, the smoke, and oil will oxidize and deteriorate. It will infect the service life of the smoke-generated part, so please change smoke and oil regularly.
  • 2.When the smoke output has water drops, please replace it with fresh oil.
  • 3.Please fill fresh oil with equipped oil bottle.
This is a video of our AUTOOL SDT208. For more great videos, please follow our YouTube channel.

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