Are You Still Worrying About The Health Of Your Car Battery?

Owning a car means increased mobility and better efficiency. However, there are many other factors that come into play for car owners. From taking care of the maintenance to wondering about the health of the battery, there can be a lot one might have to tackle on their own.

Today, there are advanced methods out there that can help you figure out the status and health of your car battery even before you decide to get on the road. No more winging it; now, you can check the state of your battery and even print out the results with the help of car battery testers.

AUTOOL BT760 Car Battery Tester

The AUTOOL BT76 is a car battery tester that can tackle all your dilemmas related to car battery life and give you a quick and accurate update of the status of your battery. This car battery tester is created in such a way that there is not just a checker installed in it but a color screen and printer as well.

The color screen can do wonders for a quick glance while the printer takes the user experience up a notch. Regardless of where you might be positioned, whether you are at a dealership selling cars, or maybe you would like to show the testing results to someone else, all can be tackled with the help of the printer. With a color screen display, it is all that you could want from a car battery tester.

Tests Conducted

The AUTOOL BT760 can conduct a huge variety of tests from battery system tests to maximum load tests, start system tests, and charging system tests as well. With these and other testing options available, users will get to experience technology at its best. One can easily gauge the overall health and functionality of their battery just by carrying out the complete system charge test.

Unlike other battery testers out there, with AUTOOL BT760 comes the reliability of expertise. The pro-tester, which is considered to be a super wide range, is rated from around 100 to 3000 CCA.


There’s nothing worse than finding the best car tester out there and realizing that it just doesn’t work for your vehicle. Fortunately, the AUTOOL BT760 comes with an ingrained system that makes it compatible with all types of vehicles, from trucks, cars, and SUVs, to motorcycles, ATVs, boats, movers, yachts, and even golf carts!

Do you own a vehicle with wheels that has a battery you need to check? Bring out the AUTOOL BT760, and you can easily get the checking done. It has multi-language support with 12 languages available for a wide range of audiences.


Gone are the days when you would have to deal with smoke coming out of the front of your car while you are stuck on the side of a road. With automated and digitalized machinery such as the AUTOOL BT760, you can quickly check your car’s battery and be stress-free.

With a wide variety of tests available and compatibility with an extensive range of vehicles, you will never have to go through the hurdle of figuring out what it is that’s wrong with your car. The AUTOOL BT760 with 12 languages available and a wide range of 100 to 3000 CCA can help you detect your car’s overall health and functionality in zero time.

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