Self-driving travel tips

The seasons are changing, flowers are flying, it’s a good time to go on a driving tour. However, in addition to self-drive, there is also the element of self-help, which requires good preparation!

The choice of route

  The choice of a self-drive tour route depends on three major elements: seasonal, schedule length, and travel companion. Seasonal seasons are a double-edged sword; different seasons are suitable for different places to play, which is certainly the king. For example, winter is suitable for soaking in soup and playing in the sea in the tropics; spring enjoys seeing flowers and trekking. However, the paradox is that the seasonal hotspots are often the most crowded, so the quality and excitement of the tour will be reduced. Fortunately, self-drive tours can be used to discover more places that are inaccessible to traditional tourism and avoid the crowds, especially during Golden Week and small holidays.

  The length of the day is a key element in route selection. Weekend trips are only suitable for playing in the surrounding 300 km radius; small long holidays are suitable for playing in 500 km radius places; 4 to 7 days are suitable for airplane plus self-driving tour to go to more distant cities; more than 8 days are suitable for the whole self-driving to play in more distant places.

  And different travel companions, line selection is also different, a family trip or should be based on leisure and comfort; common hobbies of friends, colleagues travel, you can choose fixed theme activities, such as yoga trip. In short, the choice of the line is very important to determine the line can do all the preparations.

  Essential homework

  In general, there are three ways to organize a self-drive tour: one is to arrange all by yourself; the second is to book the route and go out by yourself; the third is to go out with the fleet. The homework to be done is completely different for different ways of organizing a trip. The third is the most effortless, nothing to worry about, the leader is responsible for taking care of; and the second is relatively effortless, after booking a good line, download a good strategy, the main or arrange a good time.

  Generally speaking, before going on a self-drive tour, you should know about the destination, understand the local attractions, customs, and habits, and also go online to collect many other people’s travelogues and tips to help you improve your self-drive tour itinerary, and most importantly, avoid consumer traps and ensure personal safety.

  There is also an important homework, is to do a good roadbook. From the trip, all the way to the destination, as well as the traffic between the attractions, the return trip, etc., should have a detailed account. In particular, some important fork in the road signs, etc., as well as the route traveled through whether there are major repairs and other conditions. It is also important to keep track of gas stations and service areas along the way and to have a good understanding of some important speed limit sections so that you can be prepared for any problems.

  Preparation for the trip

  There are three main areas of preparation before the trip: first, the preparation of personal data; second, the preparation of the vehicle; third, the preparation of personal luggage. A self-driving trip, ID card, driver’s license is necessary. If you rent a car must also be prepared to have a credit card with sufficient credit, as well as the necessary cash for the journey, for gas, road and bridge fees, etc.

  For the preparation of the vehicle, if you own a vehicle, you should do a good job in advance to check the safety performance, cooling, oil, electricity, brakes, lights, etc., as well as the driving license, spare tire, fire extinguisher and other items that come with the car. If you rent a car, when you return the car, you must carefully check the items that come with the car and the damage to the vehicle according to the “delivery sheet,” and check the driving license, annual inspection, insurance policy, and other information and items.

  When traveling, in addition to the necessary personal luggage, you should also carry water, snacks, and other items for emergencies, especially to always have some anti-motion sickness, colds, anti-inflammatory, gastrointestinal drugs, and hygiene products to prevent mosquito bites.

  Self-driving precautions

  In the process of self-driving tours, safety precautions are undoubtedly the most important. Buy travel accident insurance for yourself and your fellow passengers because passenger insurance in car insurance is not insured for every car, and the coverage is relatively low. Of course, it should also be noted when buying travel insurance that many travel insurance policies now do not include self-driving content, so you should choose an insurance policy with self-driving content, which you can generally buy from your insurance company or travel agency.

  In the process of driving a vehicle, safety and law-abiding are of paramount importance. Drinking and driving, driving without a license, and fatigued driving are absolutely forbidden. In addition to avoiding dangerous driving such as overloading and speeding, it is also important to have proper midway breaks to ensure the safety of the driving process. Peers should also give the necessary care and assistance to drivers to avoid dangerous actions such as making phone calls, texting, opening bottle caps, and looking for things while driving.

  In addition to personal safety, you should also pay attention to the safety of your belongings during the trip and avoid arguments with the locals, especially to respect some ethnic minorities and local customs and traditions.

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