These actions seriously damage the engine, do you know?

The engine is the heart of the car, the heart of the critical degree we all know, so engine maintenance is very important. But most friends do not know the misconceptions of engine maintenance, accidentally will cause more serious mistakes.

Maintenance is not timely: According to experienced auto mechanics, in the car, they handle maintenance. The engine maintenance caused by poor failure accounted for half of the total failure.

It can be seen that engine maintenance to extend the life of the vehicle can play a vital role. So remind the owners do not lazy, in addition to the regular maintenance period for engine maintenance, in driving through some particularly humid or dusty areas, all the relevant parts of the engine to do some maintenance checks.

Engine temperature is afraid of high fear of low: some owners believe that when driving engine temperature is afraid of high fear of low, always thought that overheating will cause damage to the engine.

But in fact, the engine temperature is low when the harm is also great. For example, some owners will blindly remove the thermostat because the engine temperature is high, the coolant can only be large circulation, and can not adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a more suitable temperature, which will make the engine often work in a low-temperature state, resulting in a decline in engine power, wear and tear accelerated increased fuel consumption.

This time, the correct approach should be based on the normal temperature of the car manual to ensure the engine’s service life.

Long idle: the car at idle is in a dense state of oil injection, that is, idle in the car, the valve will open very small, injectors spray a high concentration of oil to ensure engine operation, which leads to idle itself is more likely to cause carbon than the car running up or running high speed, long idle, the engine carbon must be more powerful.

Over time, it will affect the efficiency of the intake and exhaust. Direct injection models are the most serious. Often idle direct injection vehicles in the cold start can see the obvious black smoke.

Air filter blockage, intake ducts are too dirty: the engine intake system is mainly composed of two parts: the air filter and intake ducts. If the vehicle is often driven in dusty, poor air quality areas, owners should pay attention to cleaning the air intake ducts to ensure the smooth flow of air intake.

The intake duct is very important for the normal work of the engine. If the intake duct is too dirty, it will lead to a decrease in efficiency so that the engine can not run in the normal range of output power. This situation will increase the wear and aging of the engine. It is also important to buy genuine parts air filters provided by the original manufacturer of good quality. Try to walk less in dusty areas, and also, the air conditioning compartment should be replaced.

Excessive crankcase sludge: A small amount of sludge can be suspended in the oil, and when the amount is large, it can precipitate out of the oil and clog the filter and oil holes, which can cause difficulties in lubricating the engine, thus increasing the wear of the engine. To reduce sludge production, it is critical that you use quality lubricants and replace them according to the manufacturer’s maintenance intervals.

The choice of oil products is actually very delicate, not the more expensive the oil, the better the effect. Choose oil products combined with the location of the highest and lowest temperatures, the grade of the vehicle and the condition of the car to choose.

Several of the above will bring a certain degree of damage to the engine, so you must pay attention, if it is not clear, to ensure that regular maintenance of the engine to the auto repair store and remember the advice of the maintenance staff is also possible.You can also come to our website to learn car maintenance skills and great tools for car repair!

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