How does the Autool C100 clean the fuel system?

Autool C100 can be used for fuel system cleaning, intake system cleaning and TWC cleaning. So how exactly does it work? Read on, and you’ll see that it’s very simple.

Throttle Style:

To the throttle style system, the way of connection is the same. Just adjust the pressure of the air source 1-5PSI.

The way to identify the inlet and return hose:

  1. Generally speaking, inlet hose is bigger, return hose is smaller;
  2. There is always a filter connected in the inlet hose side and a buffer on the return side;
  3. There is an arrow on the hose to show the fuel flow direction.

EFI Model :

  1. Find out the fuel return hose, disconnect it and plug it with a suitable adaptor;
  2. Find out the fuel inlet hose, disconnect it and connect it with the outlet hose of the cleaner with proper adaptor;
  3. Connect the outlet and return hose of the fuel tank, and open the tank cover(if there is no return hose, please move the fuse of the fuel pump so that the pump will not work);
  4. Charge the cleaning fluid into the tank of the cleaner;
  5. Connect the air source power to the airport of the cleaner, adjust its pressure 40-50PSI;
  6. Check all connect points to make sure there is no leakage;
  7. Start the engine to clean the fuel system.

For more detailed operation about Autool C100 , you can watch the video below. For more exciting videos, please subscribe to our official channel.

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