Function and maintenance of the automotive suspension system

A suspension system is the entire support system consisting of springs and shock absorbers between the body and the tires. The suspension system should function to support the body, improve the feeling of the ride. Different suspension settings will make the driver have a different driving experience. The appearance of a simple suspension system to […]

Self-driving travel tips

The seasons are changing, flowers are flying, it’s a good time to go on a driving tour. However, in addition to self-drive, there is also the element of self-help, which requires good preparation! The choice of route   The choice of a self-drive tour route depends on three major elements: seasonal, schedule length, and travel companion. […]

Why do I suggest you own a CT150 – a car fuel injector tester cleaning machine?

The problems caused by a malfunctioning injector have already been described in previous blogs. This blog is about why it is recommended that you have a CT150 to clean and test your injectors. AUTOOL CT150 Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner is a professional 4 cylinders auto fuel injector testing cleaning machine. It will help us […]

A brief description of the structure and working principle of the car charging system

The car charging system comprises a generator, battery, voltage regulator, charging indicator, related wires, etc. 1.Generator: The generator is the main power source of the car’s electric equipment. During the normal operation of the car, the generator supplies power to other electrical equipment except the starter and charges the battery. In other words, when the […]

Six driverless classes explained in detail.

Researchers predict that by 2025, we will see approximately 8 million uncrewed or semi-unmanned vehicles on the road. However, assistive technologies for driverless cars must first pass six driverless levels before they can be put on the road under the appropriate restrictions, such as geo-fencing. How exactly are these levels classified? And which level are […]