What do you know about automotive brake fluid?

Automotive brake fluid is the fluid used in hydraulic brake systems. It must not work chemically, is not affected by high temperatures, and does not corrode, soften, or expand on metals and rubber. Change the brake fluid regularly. The volume of brake fluid will change with the change of temperature, so the brake fluid reservoir […]

The car battery suddenly dead?Three minutes to teach you to start the car!

The importance of the electric battery needs no further explanation, right? On the one hand, it starts the vehicle; on the other hand, it converts the alternator alternating current into stable direct current during the driving process to supply the car’s electrical appliances, such as stereo, headlights, wipers, etc. Day travel 80,000 miles will always […]

The car’s “alarm” signal, once found, you need to hurry to deal with otherwise damage the engine.

After buying a car, many car owners only know how to drive but do not know how to maintain the vehicle. There are some older drivers who know more about the car, the various parts of the vehicle are very well understood, usually will find some alarm signals from the vehicle, found that the vehicle […]

How far away are flying cars from our lives? Time is already predictable.

In your impression, how is the flying car? We imagine the flying car only exists in various science-fiction blockbusters, highly technological cities, to and from the flying shuttle car! This is a kind of fantasy flying machine, the birth of humankind, the desire to have a free flight of wings, a variety of ancient myths, […]

Are You Still Worrying About The Health Of Your Car Battery?

Owning a car means increased mobility and better efficiency. However, there are many other factors that come into play for car owners. From taking care of the maintenance to wondering about the health of the battery, there can be a lot one might have to tackle on their own. Today, there are advanced methods out […]