Sodium-ion battery: the new trend of the future of electric vehicles

Lithium batteries used in electric vehicles are expensive, which is one of the reasons why electric vehicles are difficult to popularize. Now, battery technology is expected to achieve a breakthrough! The future of electric vehicles may be able to use inexpensive and resource-saving sodium-ion batteries instead of lithium batteries. Electric vehicles – especially those that […]

How to extend the life of a car battery?

At the beginning of the car engine starting, the generator will drive the engine to supply power to the car’s electrical system. When the car engine speed reaches a certain point, it will automatically enter the charging state. Therefore, except the generator provides all the power supply for the whole car when starting, the rest […]

Six measures to teach you to prevent oil leaks

Preventing vehicle oil leakage is an essential thing due to oil leakage and machine internal lubricant reduction, resulting in poor lubrication and insufficient cooling of the machine parts, which will cause early damage to the machine parts and even leaving the hidden danger of accidents.   In the use of the vehicle, there will often be […]

What is the performance of car injector failure?

Injector bad will lead to the engine cylinder carbon accumulation more serious, cylinder barrel, piston ring accelerated wear, idle power instability, fuel consumption rise, acceleration powerless, starting difficulties, emissions exceed the standard and other conditions, serious will completely block the injector, damage to the engine.   As one of the key components of the EFI […]

SDT208 is AUTOOL’s most versatile and best performing smoke leak detector to date!

The SDT208 and the upgraded SDT206 have the same number of functions, but the performance is still better with the SDT208. Because the SDT208 has higher output pressure and output flow than the upgraded SDT206. And SDT208 supports 12v and 24V car batteries as power supplies. The following is the detailed introduction of SDT208.   […]

The ten most anticipated automotive technologies, which one do you want to own?

With the progress of the times, automotive technology has also been continuously innovated, and the application of new automotive technologies will bring people a more convenient and comfortable experience, and promote the development of the automotive market in large strides. So, what new automotive technologies are currently expected to be put into market use? Let’s […]