[Tips] 26 tips for car owners. Do you know all of this?–(Ⅱ)

14: How to prevent the vehicle from deviating [Method] 1. Increase the air pressure of the front wheel in the direction of deviation or lower the air pressure of the tire in the other direction; [Method] 2. Adjust the toe within the specified range; [Method] 3. Rely on the merchant after four-wheel alignment. Explain that […]

Five practical car maintenance techniques to extend the life of the car by 100,000 kilometers

Cars are consumables. Whether it is a durable German car or an affordable Japanese car, there is a day to die. Except for those local tyrants who change their cars more frequently than their mobile phones, most car owners want to extend the use of their cars as much as possible. Life span, the following […]

What do you know about OBD Ⅱ?

OBDII (the Second On-Board Diagnostics), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers) formulated the OBD-II standard in 1988. OBDII implements standard testing procedures and has strict emission pertinence for real-time monitoring of vehicle exhaust emissions. Basic introduction Since the combination of automobile technology and electronic technology in the 1950s, the application range […]

When the car has any symptoms, it means that the spark plug should be replaced?

The function of the spark plug is to ignite. When the cylinder runs to the top dead center, the gasoline can be burned to generate energy through the ignition of the spark plug. Therefore, the stronger the ignition ability of the spark plug, the better. Suppose the ignition ability of the spark plug is poor. […]

Detection and maintenance methods of the car starter battery

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery: Due to its structural advantages, the maintenance-free battery consumes very little electrolyte and basically does not need to be supplemented with distilled water during its service life. It also has the characteristics of shock resistance, high-temperature resistance, small size, and small self-discharge. The service life is generally twice that of ordinary batteries. […]

Are you still worried about car carbon accumulation and clogging? These few methods teach you to solve your troubles!

Nowadays, cars allow everyone to drive on the road handily. Everyone drives a car to travel everywhere. The main thing is to drive out by yourself, not restricted by tourist vehicles, flexible and maneuverable cars, where you want to stay, play, and play as long as you want. The owner had the final say, comfortable […]