EM325 (Charging/jump start/welding) triple-function machine

EM325 overview EM325 only supports 12v battery charging. Before charging 12V batteries, the function switch should be set to the Battery Charger button. This device only supports a 12v vehicle jump start. Before starting the vehicle, press the function button to be set to the Engine Starter button. The positive(+) and negative(-) power poles share both […]

Products comparison of BT160, BT260 and BT280

AUTOOL BT160 Car Circuit Tester is the best electrical tester to reduce the diagnostic time in automotive electrical systems. After a simple connection of the unit to the vehicle’s battery, the automotive technician can conduct a positive or negative battery current to the tip by turning the switch forward or backward. The unit has short circuit […]

Function instructions of AUTOOL LM120

Function instructions 1.Refrigerant filling and pressure inspection  A. The instrument can display the corresponding pressure evaporation temperature and co-condensation temperature during the refrigerant pressure test B. If the temperature sensor probe is connected to the instrument, the temperature sensed by the temperature probe will be displayed simultaneously, T1 sensor and T2 sensor. When the temperature […]

Function instructions of Autool X95

Autool X95 is a multifunctional instrument with an in-built multi-axis gyroscope and GPS system, which can measure the slope and inclination, the degree of downhill and uphill of off-road vehicles. It also provides vehicle speed, altitude, and vehicle driving direction and has a high-precision satellite real-time clock function. Long-press the function button to enter the Settings […]