Why do I suggest you own a CT150 – a car fuel injector tester cleaning machine?

The problems caused by a malfunctioning injector have already been described in previous blogs. This blog is about why it is recommended that you have a CT150 to clean and test your injectors. AUTOOL CT150 Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner is a professional 4 cylinders auto fuel injector testing cleaning machine. It will help us […]

Are You Still Worrying About The Health Of Your Car Battery?

Owning a car means increased mobility and better efficiency. However, there are many other factors that come into play for car owners. From taking care of the maintenance to wondering about the health of the battery, there can be a lot one might have to tackle on their own. Today, there are advanced methods out […]

SDT208 is AUTOOL’s most versatile and best performing smoke leak detector to date!

The SDT208 and the upgraded SDT206 have the same number of functions, but the performance is still better with the SDT208. Because the SDT208 has higher output pressure and output flow than the upgraded SDT206. And SDT208 supports 12v and 24V car batteries as power supplies. The following is the detailed introduction of SDT208.   […]

AUTOOL’s currently the complete battery test analyzer-BT860

AUTOOL BT860 Color Screen Car Battery Tester is designed with a color screen and easy printer for a better user experience. It is an automotive battery tester with real-time temperature monitoring, which is able to determine the exact degree of influence of temperature on the battery performance. AUTOOL BT860 Car Battery Tester Features: 1.With real-time […]