Choose the proper attribution and click add to the cart and click the checkout button to place an order. Paypal Buy Now button can lead you to Paypal Express checkout

Yes. credit cards are supported in Paypal and Stripe. If you wish to use credit cards directly you can follow the standard checkout process and input your card information in the checkout page

Not necessary, but recommended, we support Guest order.

After shipment you will receive an email with your tracking number in it. You can also have the tracking number under the user dashboard.


We accept Paypal and Stripe, Master Card, VISA

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We cooperate with several main shipping couries which can ship to 90% of the world.


We have three shipping methods: Standard, Expedited and Saver.

Note: Some countries may not support Saver.

Usually we will send the parcel in 1~2 days. Due to the developing situation of COVID-19, the shipping times may vary.

  • Europe: 5~10 days
  • North America: 5~15 days
  • Asia: 2~5 days

In general we do ship worldwide.


You can contact us using the online customer service


send an Email to support@autooltech.com

Normally, you will get response within one business day.

Please contact us through customer services.

We have the 30 days satisfaction Guaranteed Program.

You can request the return within 30 days after your purchase through customer services.