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Brand: Master
Product Code: SP301-C
Weight: 5KG    (11.02LB)
Package: 52cm*34cm*11cm  ( Inch:20.47*13.39*4.33)
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Master MST-3000 Southeast Asian Versio/Taiwan Version Universal Motorcycle Scanner Fault Code Scanner for Motorcycle
Master MST-3000 European Version Universal Motorcycle Scanner Fault Code Scanner for Motorcycle

Master MST-3000 Features:
1.Store data and upgrade by SD card, easy and convenient
2.Reserved CAN BUS interface integration. 
3. 5.6 inch TFT LCD (liquid crystal display)
4. Southeast Asian Version(SP196-C) Compatible with 6 Brands motorcycles:HONDA, YAMAHA,SUZUKI, KAWASAKI,VESPA,PIAGGIO 
    Taiwan Version(SP196-D) Compatible with 6 Brands motorcycles: HONDA,SYM,KYMCO,SUZUKI,AEON,PGO,HARTFORD,VESPA
5. Language available: English

Master MST-3000 Function:
1. System Information
2. Read Data stream
3. Read DTCs
4. Clear DTCs
5. Read Freeze frame data
6. Adjust CO & Idle speed
7. Reset ECU
Part 1. Master MST-3000 Scanner Introduction & Attentions

Scanner appearance and keys:

Master MST-3000

Top view:

Master MST-3000-2

Master MST-3000 Universal Motorcycle Scanner

3 optional versions:
Option 1. Full version: (Item No. SP301)
Option 2. Asian version (Item No.SP301-C)
Option 3. European version (Item No. SP301-B)

Option 4: Taiwan Version (Item No.SP301-D)

Master MST-3000Specifications to choose: 

Master MST-3000-3

Master MST-3000 Package List:
1pc x MST - 3000 hosts
1pc x MAIN TEST Cable
1pc x AEON
1pc x BWM
1pc x DUCATI
1pc x HARLEY-1
1pc x HARLEY-2
1pc x HONDA
1pc x KAWASAKI-1
1pc x KAWASAKI-2
1pc x KAWASAKI-3
1pc x KAWASAKI-4
1pc x KAWASAKI-5
1pc x KAWASAKI-6
1pc x KTM
1pc x KYMCO
1pc x PGO
1pc x POWER Cable
1pc x YAMAHA(1)
1pc x SUZUKI(I)
1pc x SUZUKI(II)
1pc x SYM
1pc x USB
1pc x SD CARD

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