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This product is used to open or close the car boot with a kick, so that it can work as an intelligent car boot. When you carry the items with your hands, or in a rainy day, and the like.This product will be good helper.

The tail of the car kicks the intelligent open sensor system

This product is used to open or close the car boot with a kick, so that it can work as an intelligent car boot. When you carry the items with your hands, or in a rainy day, and the like.This product will be good helper.

Product function and introduction:

Normal mode: close to the bumper sensing area.with foot, Then leave the bumper sensing area. When this action is completed, a valid trigger signal will be generated.
Anti play protection: effective time interval of several kicking action for 2 seconds, Many of quick kicking action , the anti play mode will enter, need to wait 3 seconds to restore detection.
Abnormal mode: stairs, stones, branches, rough roads, plastic bottles, car washing, etc., do not produce triggering signals.

Installation steps:

1. Remove the bumper (parts of the car can be reached directly from the bottom of the car into the operation, there is no need to remove the bumper), the two induction line fixed on the inside of the rear bumper.
2.The two induction lines should be as parallel as possible and can be mounted at different heights.
3.The best distance between the two induction lines is less than 8 centimeters.
4.The effective detection range of each induction line is 6 centimeters.
5.The installation should be one line of induction on the outside, for increase the sensitivity to external kicking action.
6. Take power cable and control line through the inside of the car.
1):The red power cable is connected to the terminal of the car fuse box electric normally
2):The black line near the ground
3):The white control line is connected with the ACC signal Of the car ACC signal( Connect the ACC signal, the vehicle is energized what will not detect kicking action  )
7.When you have finished installing, you can restore all the objects and then the product will be read for use.

Please read the instruction manual before using this product!

Package List:
1pc x  Signal control box
1pc x  Induction antenna


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