Powerful automotive diagnostic tool – CS320

AUTOOL CS320 is an innovative and affordable OBD/EOBD + CAN diagnostic tool.   Specially designed for cars, automotives and vehicles assemble DIY-ers.   Easy, quick and professional access to enginer troubles on all OBDII compliant cars, mini vans and light duty vehicles sold worldwide since 1996.   When it comes to vehicles maintenance and repairs, the  AUTOOL  CS320 […]

What are the functions of X50 Plus and how to use it?

First, connect your X50plus to your car and start the engine. Select the data you want to display, such as speed, mileage, etc. This is done in the following manner: press leftwards or rightwards the function key to choose the menu: Speed- Rotate- Engine Temperature- Oil consumption; press the key in the middle to confirm; […]

These actions seriously damage the engine, do you know?

The engine is the heart of the car, the heart of the critical degree we all know, so engine maintenance is very important. But most friends do not know the misconceptions of engine maintenance, accidentally will cause more serious mistakes. Maintenance is not timely: According to experienced auto mechanics, in the car, they handle maintenance. […]

Understanding the functions and precautions of antifreeze

The full name of antifreeze should be called antifreeze coolant, which means coolant with antifreeze function. Antifreeze can prevent the coolant from freezing and cracking the radiator, and freezing the engine cylinder block or cap during cold winter parking. Many people think antifreeze is only used in winter, but antifreeze should be used all year […]